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Test on Wednesday, 28th

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We have been reviewing in class each day, getting ready for the test on Wednesday. Everyone should have the hand-outs with highlighted items to study. Tuesday, each will receive a more concise study guide for the test.

Know this information for the test.
Because of harsh climate, most of Russia’s resources are not being used.
St. Petersburg is the major center for trade.
Most Russians live in the west of Russia.
Russian is a Slavic Language – Uses the Cyrillic alphabet
Largest country in the world

Coal and Iron Ore are major natural resources found in Germany’s Ruhr Valley.
Acid Rain is a major environmental concern in Germany.
Manufacturing is the driving force behind Germany’s economic success.
Majority of people live in western Germany.

United Kingdom–
Service industry accounts for most of the jobs in UK.
Gulf Stream gives UK a mild climate
Air Pollution (smog) major environmental issue in UK.

Chernobyl Ukraine is the site of the worst nuclear disaster.

Germanic – English and German
Romance- French, Spanish, Italian
Slavic- Russian

Mohammad founded Islam in the 7th Century (610AD)
Abraham founded Judaism in 2000 BC ( Oldest of 3 main religions )
Jesus Christ founded Christianity in 30 AD

Sacred Text : Judaism – Torah
Christianity – Bible
Islam – Koran

Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe.

Europe has a high literacy rate.
Literacy rate effects a country’s standard of living.

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We will be locating landforms and countries on the European map.

Danube River
Rhine River
English Channel
Mediterranean Sea
European Plain
Ural Mountains
Iberian Peninsula
Scandinavian Peninsula

We will be locating these countries on the European map.
United Kingdom

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Sixth Grade Social Studies
Ms. Diane Brackett

Contact Information:
e-mail: [email protected]
Blog: dbrackett.edublogs.org/
School Phone: 706 745-2483

Course Goals:
a. to foster a love and enthusiasm for social studies.
b. to boost student confidence in social studies by allowing students to speak in an open forum concerning social issues in class.
c. to teach students the required material to successfully satisfy the Georgia Performance Standards and the Common Core Curriculum.
d. to prepare students for 7th grade social studies curriculum.
e. to provide students with the opportunity to develop a strong work ethic.

Course Materials:
a. World Cultures and Geography (Textbook) Publisher: McDougal and Littell
b. Georgia CRCT TEST Prep (Classroom Only) Publisher: Clairmont Press
c. Georgia Experience 6th Grade Social Studies (Classroom Only) Publisher: Carole Marsh

a. Class work / Quizzes (30%)
b. Tests (40%)
c. Homework (30%)

Materials for Class every day.
• Pencil, pen (blue or black ink only)
• Paper
• Textbook & Agenda

• Any homework from the previous day
• Agenda
• Social Studies notebook/folder

We will use colored pencils when working with maps and other drawings. You will not need them every day, however you should have a box of colored pencils and a sharpener on hand in your locker.

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